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In this post

we’re going to outline how to write a thank you email following your residency interview

along with a few sample thank you emails The same format and suggestions will work whether your

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A sincerely written thank you letter can help differentiate your job application from others. It also shows your .

Try to reference in your thank you note something specific from the interview.

i e something that you felt connected you to the interviewer
or something of the program that was unique or of interest .

“When do I send the Thank You Letter ” In general
you want to have the Thank You Letter written hours of the interview Send the letter so it arrives no later than a wee

At a minimum.

you should send a thank you note to The program director Anyone who interviewed you It’s also not a bad idea to consider sending thank you notes to Other residents who you had .

WHO receives residency interview thank you notes.

Everyone you interview with of the “ Thank You Action Plan” is to thank everyone with whom

Consider the person you talked to during your residency interview to write a thank you letter for each person Take a no

Our template is just a starting point You can always get more specific with your thank you note Show you were paying a

Most thank you notes have the following features. 1. Subject line. If you email your thank you note.

you need a subject line that easily conveys your message. A .

Begin your thank you note by expressing your appreciation to the recruiter or hiring manager for their time and consider
mention anything helpful

1 Address it to the right person This may sound obvious
but what this really means is that you should remember the names of the person s who met with you and .

A great way to stand out is to personalize the note with something specific you discussed during the interview. As candidates.

we love a personal touch to the

Later in the article.

I’ll cover the pros and cons of sending this via email versus a handwritten thank you letter note So if you ’re no

make sure to read until the end. For now.

just know that

The general format of a Thank You Letter remains the same. The letter should be short.

but sweet Generally

keep it.

paragraphs. Any longer and the program might not read all of it. It should .



14 A short note written on the back of a

would be sufficient. Car Talk reference.

for those not NPR listeners Seriously.

you re overthinking this Whether or not you write a thank you note or not is very unlikely to have any effect
at all.

on the outcome. I receive email and written thank you notes all the time..

A sincerely written thank you letter can help differentiate your job application from others. It also shows your professionalism and appreciation for the interviewer s time and efforts. Sending a thank you note to the employer after attending a residency interview provides you with the opportunity to reiterate your qualifications and impress .

Christopher Littlefield. Summary. You ’ve updated your resume.

written your cover letter.

and prepared for your interview Now it’s time for your thank you note to seal the deal In this piece

Ensure that you use an email heading that presents your email as unique and prompts the interviewer to read your email

Follow up regarding the interview today

or Great interviewing with you today 3 Address the note correctly

Send week to as many key individuals that interviewed you as is possible and reasonable for each program If you can sen
that is okay Keep in mind

you may only have time for so much..


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Here’s how to do it right. Keep it genuine The goal of expressing appreciation should be to let someone know how their actions have impacted you and or others. If you have any other agenda .

Keep the entire thank you email Open with a respectful greeting Express gratitude Highlight unique and important mo

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The first sentence of the first paragraph of your thank you letter should be used to thank the interviewer for their time and consideration. Example “ Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me today and for considering me for this position.”. 4. Mention specifics about the interview

5. Restate your interest and reinforce your skills. After thanking the interviewer and building a personal connection in the body of your email.

you might also include a few sentences that reinforce your interest and motivation to work for the company Additionall

think about reiterating how your skills are a perfect match for the job

You re spending money time to come and see my program. I m spending money time on recruiting you. It s a wash I don t think anyone owes a thank you note to anyone else. As has been said multiple times.

this is a personal
cultural issue Some people feel it is the right thing to do to write a thank you note after an interview If

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to interview me for the research assistant position It was a pleasure me

and I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the opportunity to become part of your team I would be an asset to your c
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and writing skills

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Remarks like.

“I will be ranking you
my list” in the Thank You Letter A Thank You Letter is the correct and best way to pay vote of thanks as well as fol

be enthusiastic and grateful and remain hopeful that you will get the

That being said
remember to keep your thank you letter brief and positive more on this in a moment. 5. End with a focus on the future. Finally. conclude your thank you note by pointing toward

After you return from the residency program interview
it is vital to send a Thank You Letter A Thank You Letter may not be a “required” part of the residency applicatio
but it is an important gesture that demonstrates your dedication and determination. Not only that.

but it may also improve a program’s impression

2 Follow a basic outline You can use an outline before you draft your letter to help you express yourself Include the

such as “ Dear Ms. Diaz ”. A clear statement of gratitude. An update about the job you applied for. A formal closing and your signature..

There are several items that you can include in your subject line.

such as Your first and last name Remind the hiring agent of your interview by mentioning your name The position you

which can help separate your email from some of the other emails in the hiring manager’s inbox. Date of the interview .

See thank you cards 2 Get right to the point and express your thanks And while you ’re at it

make sure to mention what it is that you ’re thankful for Your birthday card made my day

thank you so much Your birthday gift was perfect
thanks for thinking of me. Thanks so much for your generous wedding gift..

I greatly appreciate the time you took to interview me I sincerely appreciate the time you took to interview me I sinc

Address the hiring manager directly.

by name If you ’ve interviewed with more than one person

send personalized thank you notes to each of them. 3. Express your appreciation. Since it’s a “thank you .

After the interview
you can send an e mail. I am writing to thank you for the opportunity to interview with your PGY practice residency at XXXXX. In following up to your earlier question on simvastatin.

the drug is thought to have a short half life Although the actual half life is unknown

it is taken at night since most cholesterol

Following Up after a Residency Interview Posted on by Benji Ho Use simple cards to write follow up messages Post int

You always make me feel just like family ” “ Thanks for the great time and the great memories ” “ Thank you

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